Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guys, I'm eating junk and watching rubbish! You better come out and stop me!

Recovering. Older, not wiser. So for my birthday I have decided to list the top 10 things I did for a first time at 25. Maybe not TOP, but top of mind. Go ahead and roll those eye, I am excited at all the new stuff I have managed to try out. 

  1. Got engaged – in case you were living in a hole.
  2. Moved out of state, with a boy – please refer to comment in number one, and I say with a boy because UT doesn’t count.
  3. Attended Nascar race –I loved it because you can bring in your own booze.
  4. Attended LeMans race –I loved it because with a Paddock pass you can get free booze and talk with all the hot drivers.
  5. Attended Detroit Tigers game – are you seeing a sports theme here?
  6. Attended Red Wings hockey game – sorry Atlanta, having behind-the-glass seats for a winning team is ridiculous.
  7. Tried hummus – liked it, now it is a fridge staple.
  8. Went to Chicago – would honestly consider moving there, but rumor has it, it’s colder than Michigan.
  9. Went to a Doobie Brothers concert – need I say more.
  10. Went to Cedar Point – took a ride on the world’s tallest and fastest coaster.

In a random birthday surprise, Andy scored a suite to a really rare concert. No not Hannah Montana, but the MTV Reality star Ozzy Osbourne. Wait, I am being informed he is actually a hard-core rocker. Well tonight should be interesting. Advice from Andy and my Bro – wear black and keep your mouth shut. I am going to need a translator during the show. Show should be batty. 

Mikey Likes It – This guy is seriously living my dream!!! Am I the only one living under a bubble rock? How did I not hear about this. Snowglobe Boy, is well, a boy in a Snowglobe. He spreads holiday cheer inside of his inflatable semi-frosty paradise. My first question is does he have a Snowglobe potty? Well yes he does!

Yes I do! I get exactly 51 minutes of break time each day! I came up with 51 minutes by adding the days of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa; then multiplying that number by three because there are three holidays this month! I hope it’s enough time! I can’t spread holiday cheer from a messy snowglobe, now can I? 

Forget Paris!

Say it’s so!!! Girrlll, I have been telling you all along that Kristen needed to come on over to The Hills and show Lauren how to be a biznatch right back to Heidi and the haters. I think Kristen finally realized that Z list movie career isn't making as much cha-ching as LC's clothing line, TV show, etc.

Thank you E! News! According to inside sources close to The Hills, the show's producers are looking into the possibility of bringing Kristin onto their series to reunite with Lauren.

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