Friday, May 29, 2009

Accept everything about yourself—I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end—no apologies, no regret.

I’ll take What is Janky for $500. Stanley Playoff finals on Saturday and Sunday?! Shame on you NHL.

It’s Friday Bitches! I am telling you Daily Pep Talk is totally my horoscope!

Pep Talk: What exactly are we looking at here? What’s the situation, the challenge, the dilemma? I mean, it looks like an issue we’ve encountered before, but it has some new factors. This is an excellent chance to try a new approach. We’re always having new experiences and even the things that seem familiar aren’t. Same shit, different day does not apply. As you change and grow, so does your perspective.  Everything is new all the time.

Today remind yourself: This is something else.

This week alone I have had quite a riot (or quiet riot?) trying to new stuff. From Camping Barbie to rock climbing. Rock climbing was an insane amount of fun. I was a bit hesitant to dive into the activities Roo enjoyed, but I am really finding out there is a gigantic world out there of stuff you shouldn’t be afraid to try. Hey, at least you’ll know if you suck at it or not.

Wow, someone’s drinking the kool-aid around here.

Mikey Likes It Mikey’s adventures in bachelor parties continues. This weekend he’s on location in Miami. If he thought Vegas was pricey, I got news for ya Tubs.

He did leave us with Pygmy Jerboa. It’s like something left on the floor of the Jim Henson studios. I oddly think I want one, and I strongly think Indy would not want one.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!

The Stanley Cup Final is here! Another a-mazing game for the Wings. Nice little rematch coming up with Pitt.

The odds are against one team returning to the Stanley Cup finals the following season, let alone both. But the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins both overcame obstacles in the regular season and peaked at the perfect time.

It must be Thirsty Thursday or something around here. Moose sent me the most omnomnom recipe for Margarita Cupcakes! Booze and cupcakes, doesn’t get much better. Just call me Betty Drunker.

And y’all seriously have to try Gran Centenario Rosangel. This isn’t Thursday night party Tequila - that would be like downing Grey Goose (Ryan!). Rosangel is a hibiscus-infused tequila, and for those that are wondering about the plant- a flower of the genus Hibiscus, found in tropical to temperate regions. The flower definitely gives the Tequila a different softer hue, but don’t let this little princess petal fool you. The Tequila packs just as much punch and we didn’t really notice any heavy flavor. Plus I’m a mixer, so this is likely to go along with  something else. Gran Centenario Rosangel has a whole smattering of professional recipes.

Mikey Likes It – I am notorious for always wanting to know the voice of cartoons, and this feature Five Voice Actors Whose Faces Don't Fit Their Roles may surprise you. Personally, I think I still remember the day I learned Bart Simpson’s voice was a girl.

And I had no idea it has been MR Piggy all along.

Miss Piggy ("The Muppet Show")/Frank Oz: How could we have know that the porcine temptress of our dreams was really an old bald guy with glasses?

Apologies for leaving you Lego-less for so long! These Lego cakes are unreal.  But, were they made in a brick oven?!

My gosh, my family is normal. These Awkward Family Photos will keep you from running to the Sears Portrait Studio for awhile.

OK Kids, you’re going to have to look real close at this one:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have a PBS mind in a BET world.

Versus has an interesting new show that I just might have to tune in for. Fanarchy is a sports debate show of sorts. From Variety - “…weekly show that will give fans a chance to speak their minds… It will feature seven hardcore fans who are given the opportunity to state their opinions on topics of the day in a frenzied back-and-forth format.”

All I’m saying. Me and an OSU fan. Let’s do it.

The new New York Yankees Stadium was the house that Babe Ruth wish he had built. Are you kidding me NY? First your players are under the hot seat and now your stadium. I want to meet the engineering genius. The home runs are flying out the stadium quicker than Arod after a steroid allegation. The home run pace is on the way to rival the Colorado Rockies field. Most home runs in one stadium — 303 at Coors Field (Colorado Rockies) in 1999. There have been 87 HRs in the first 23 games at the new Yankee Stadium — on pace for 306 HRs.

And it might not seem like such a bad deal, but you are going to get pitchers that don’t want to play in a park that is known for jacking-up their ERA. Let’s see how they look to remedy this situation. Even if the Yankees wanted to make an adjustment, there is nothing they could do structurally to alter the park this season. They would have to petition for a change going into the next offseason, before doing any reconstruction.

The World’s Most Interesting Man just got a little competition.

Mikey Likes It – Personally, the Honey Baked Ham Cupcakes make me want to vom, but I am guessing every guy is licking his pork chops over this one.  Hurry, quick divert your eyes with the Mimosa Cupcake!

From the old school to the unusual, beer cans have been around for decades. You can read all about The History of Beer Cans from WebUrbanist.

In the early 1900s, breweries had a problem producing a can that would withstand the pasteurization process and allow the beer to still taste good when it reached the consumer. In order to withstand the heat and pressure of the process, the first beer cans were constructed of tin and steel and were much more thick and sturdy than the ones we see today. By 1935, the first commercially produced beer in a can hit the market. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No, baby, you're money.

The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury. --Charlie Chaplin

Memorial Weekend was stupendous! Thanks for not necessarily asking. I survived the outdoors. And to those thinking camping would kick my marshmallow, well I got news – I liked it.  Andy broke me in gently (insert pun here), we just went for a few days and our campgrounds had working potties. The best part about the trip was just hanging out with stupid and not having to worry about my Blueberry or if I was missing a Food Network Challenge.

The weather was gorgeous and the west side of the Mitten makes me have a new appreciation for the state. We did a lot of hiking and hit up Sleeping Bear Dunes (see below). I swear it’s where they filmed the sandworm scene from Beetlejuice. ....the dunes at Sleeping Bear, which range in color from pale champagne to burnt sienna and which roll and spike to 400 feet in height that earned a perfect 10 in our Splendor category. My verdict – it’s desert meets park. I mean it was a glorified sandbox with huuuuge hills. I guess that would be a dune? My legs are still aching from walking for 2 hours. This megabatch of a hill is the entrance.

In other news, you can tell from the below that the only radio station we listened to was ESPN - which was the jam! Holy sports weekend batman! Uuuhh the Wings games – which I am ever so peeved that the Blackhawks coach thinks the hit from Kronwall was not legit, the puck was in play buddy. Wings made up for Friday night with Sunday’s spanking The Red Wings Dominate Despite Being Short-Handed. This hit was fugly! I don’t think Havlat knew where or what he was after this hit. Coach Babcock reports on Kronwall getting the skate for the game: "It was absolutely the wrong call. It was actually a good finished check."

Before you freak out – even other players saw this as a legit hit. Great ESPN article.

Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik said Saturday. "We thought he left his feet. But the one last night, the more times you saw it, the more legal you thought it was.” "I think the call was based more on the result of the hit, the injury, than the actual play," Orpik said. "That kid just plays the game hard. He's not out there to hurt guys."

We have an American in the French…still! Oui Oui. Apparently, though, he turned out to be Andy Roddick, newly married, newly coached by Larry Stefanki and newly into a French Open second round for the first time since 2005.

And the Dancing with the Stars dude won Indy. Dancer’s legs!

Mikey Likes It – While city mouse was in the country, Mikey mouse was in the city… THE city. Vegas baby. He is showing small signs of life today.

No report from the source on gambling, but we can report: "I  did get every kind of novelty cup or drink while I was there.”

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love Me, Hate Me, I Promise It Won't Make or Break Me.

Kudos AJC – I ALMOST felt sympathy for Vick. Then I remembered why Vick is in jail in the first place. A reason for hope still there for Vick – has turned into a reason I’m fired up this AM.

And he continues to pay for them. He’ll wear an ankle bracelet. He can’t go to a bar. He can’t vote. He’ll need to earn his way back into the good graces of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the American public, and it won’t be easy. But there’s a story waiting to be written, a story as uplifting as these past two years have been deflating.

And the Falcons not only have a new quarterback, they have an actual quarterback – not tightend. Did I mention Atlanta's quarterback is GOOD and WINNING games? Vick’s 1,000 a day push-up routine will make him great someone in the NFL, but not as a quarterback. I mean Pacman Jones is still in the NFL.

Yes, he did wrong. But after all that has transpired, Michael Dwayne Vick has it within him to do right. I’ve been disappointed, but I’m not yet ready to give up. Not on this one. There’s a heart in there somewhere, a good heart. I believed as much on that sorrowful day he entered his plea, and I believe it still.

Well at least we found the guy who’s been sending Vick loves notes in prison.

I share with you another AJC feature, one that showcases the full breadth of Vick’s career.

But then his star began to dim ever so slightly, and he evolved into this polarizing figure long before dogfighting was the issue. It wasn't just the tawdry incidents that began piling up — the herpes lawsuit, the water bottle episode in Miami, the middle finger salute to the fans after a loss to New Orleans. The returns on the field were diminishing as well. Vick's regular season record as a starting quarterback prior to signing his big deal was 23-12-1. Since, it is 15-16. And to twist the knife a little more, what about the player San Diego acquired with the No. 5 overall pick in 2001 that was the Falcons' before they traded up? Running back LaDainian Tomlinson is the league's reigning MVP. 

Mikey Likes It – Nuff said.

Pretty snazzy stuff Erik Johansson. Ohh lala-lego. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme hopes are born from extreme misery.

With hockey and Andy’s daily outdoor ventures, I miss my celebrity dirt. Can we puhlease talk about the John & Kate Plus 8: Plus Kate’s Crazy Sister Who Ratted Out The Family. Literally, sister-friend must have gotten the stink-eye when it came to money, because she is putting all the family jewels on display. Supposedly John has a contract with Kate to see other women, because the show was doing well and they still want to make money they appear as a happy unit, blah blah. I’m telling you guys. TLC = Things Look Cheap! 

Brad Peach Pitt. Omnomnom. But a little hmmmm-nomnom? 

Thank YOU GQ! Christian talks about his upcoming blockbuster Terminator Salvation and stuff. Ah , just look at the picture. And yes, I’d give him something to terminate….heyo! 

I want you, you gorgeous delicious Scribble aka Jennifer Zeuner Medium Swirly Initial Necklace necklace. Looks like the Magnadoodle version is all I can afford. 

Mikey Likes It – What the crap? Gooby, you scare the living daylights out of me. 

Proving there’s a little Cheetara in all of us.  Thundercats Ho

I want to go to there Philip Perold. This and more from Faux Photoshop: 15 Incredible Images That Look Altered but Aren’t.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs.

Body by Andy day 3. Sweet jeebus am I a hurtin’ today. We went on a bike ride epic journey. A nice little jaunt turned into NINE miles!

And I think we might take Indy camping, we finally found him a tent.

Applause-o-meter for The Denver Egotist:

They’re in meetings. They’re in traffic. They’re in bars, restaurants and malls. They’re d-bags. And they’re everywhere. Fortunately, you can finally do something about it – thanks to JB Leach – your friend and ours. 

Mikey Likes It РSolo cups and Sharpies are so pass̩. Chalk it up to a good adult beverage with these little gems from World Market.

Neatorama, well, it really is neat. The Many Sides of Shel Silverstein. Slutverstein is more like it after reading what a p-i-m-p old Shel was. I now know where the sidewalk ends - his apartment.

Shel wasn’t quite in on the ground floor of Playboy, but he probably hit the first floor. He and Hugh Hefner had a lot in common - they both grew up in Chicago, they both served in the army, they were both cartoonists and they both loved women.

Funny fortuneomnomnon.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss.

Weekend 1, Me 0. I am beyond over this chilly weather. I want hot people! Not 'hot people' but 'hot weather.' well maybe I would settle for hot people. 

Benjamin Button  didn’t disappoint. Sweet Hallmkark was I in tears even after 5 minutes of the movie, PAthetic! After seeing both Oscar contenders, I definitely feel that ol’ Pitt was robbed.  Julia Ormond was a nice surprise, but  she certainly looked like she’s been doing some smoking since her and Brad were in Legends of the Fall. 

The countdown to camping continues. This weekend Andy prepped by practicing laying in his sleeping bag. Eat your heart out Bear Grylls.

Will Ferrell +Norm MacDonald+ Real Tom Hanks+Sean Connery= classic installment of Celebrity Jeopardy. I’ll take Catch The Semen for $800.

  width="512" height="296">

Mikey Likes It – From Mikey, to me!! 

From Mikey – to Andy:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Know thyself: I will treat people approximately as badly as they allow me to treat them.

Oh, that. That can be treated with our good friend alcohol! You might want to write that down.

We have a birthday in the HOUSE! There’s a good chance Scottie is not awake right now, but here’s to hoping he makes it to 7 pm.

Holy hockey batman! Fantastic game seven. OK Moose, we have one more round so get ready to start tuning in.

It’s Friday batches. Here’s to a bunch of random crap.

Precious AND omnomnom. Gummi Bear on water steroids. If you put gummi bears in water for a day or so this is what happens. 

Mikey Likes It – You are going to have to get the visual on this - 7 Kids Guaranteed to Become Trekkies.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I don't like being outdoors Smithers, for one thing, there's too many fat children.

Dear REI,

Or should I call you Recreational Equipment Inc.? It’s time we had a chat. You have been having a relationship with someone I am currently involved with and it’s starting to take a toll. I see the way he looks at you, full of adventure and excitement. I also don’t appreciate that we are now supporting you through our various purchases of your goods. I now own a tent and really nice sleeping bags, which I believe would amount to a really nice designer bag/purse/[insert other fine good here].

Back off REI!

Sincerely Yours

That’s right kids, somehow I let the one I love talk my city-a** into camping for Memorial Weekend. (which I thought was the last weekend in May) I am actually excited and truthfully I blame Into the Wild for someone’s need to get outdoors.

Andy was all trying out sleeping bags this weekend in the store, laying them flat, getting a good look. To expedite this slow process I slipped that puppy on standing up in the middle of the Sat store rush. It was fun until it got really hot and Andy starting spinning me around. Anyway, did you know sleeping bags aren’t unisex. They make male and female bags.  Really? Really? Marketing, pfft.

Watched a little Slumdog 20 million rupees Millionaire. Sounds more expensive before the conversion.  And Dear Oscar-Hype, can a movie ever live up to the ‘amazing, unbelievable, holy crap this is the best movie ever’ buzz? No. I mean I liked it, but when it is that talked up, you just come to the table with a lot more expectations. Next on the list -  Benjamin Button.  

Mikey Likes It – Since I did find myself watching Ocean’s Eleven late-night on TBS this weekend, I’m happy to share the Neaorama Ocean’s Eleven trivia.

Matt Damon was such an adept pickpocket that the part near the beginning where he steals the wallet from a man on the el actually had to be slowed down so viewers could catch what he was doing.

Rusty Ryan is always eating because, basically, Brad Pitt thought it would be funny and appropriate - since these guys are always on the go in the movie, he thought that they would probably be eating on the go as well. It became a running joke to pick out and incorporate food for each of his scenes.

The cast all liked to gamble when they had some time off from shooting. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon both reported that Clooney was the worst, largely just due to luck - he never had decent cards. Don Cheadle said he tried to steer clear of the gambling entirely.

Finally, designers have updated their mannequins to fit the majority of Hollywood fashionistas. Delfina Delettrez Fendi got all Skeletor with the accessories. Wait until He-man picks up one of these for She-ra.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I consider myself a good person. But I'm going try to make him cry.


Mikey Likes It – Drop your computer wands. What’s this?! What’s this?! Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. Enchanting. I’m pumped that old school and the people behind Aladdin and The Little Mermaid are involved. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ‘directive’ they’ve been going in lately. 

Did I tell you how much this kid loved him some new Star Trek movie? Well sounds like this captain is definitely exploring strange new worlds.

Monday, May 11, 2009

In Cleveland, I'm a model.

Weekend was nuts. So I’ll spare you the deets with video Monday.

Oh Chipper, we’ll always have Cleveland.

  width="480" height="360"  allowScriptAccess="always">

At first I was little like yawn, but trust me the Wii just went up in cool points by 100. In the words of Mike Tyson, this is really wiieally cool. Thanks Turboclaw! It’s PUNCH OUT BITCHES!

And Mikey, you missed it. I am sure everyone and their mother lover is talking about Justin (I suddenly know how to act) Timberlake’s appearance on SNL. Well I would also like to point out the Pirates of the Caribbean skit, hysterical. Take your Fast Pass Back to Hell! I can't find that clip, standy.

Mikey Likes It – Somebody's finally back! Thank Jeebus. As we ponder the bigger questions of life…. 

While Mikey was on location he picked up a new wardrobe item.

Friday, May 8, 2009


It’s Friday bitches. And Norak is opening my pool today (sad face).

F You Penguin really bitch slaps Cute Overload.

Here we go. The silky fucking hen. What is this thing thinking when it goes outside every day? It's like David Bowie meets Tim Burton meets Colonel Sanders. Did you just step out into the light after a night of clubbing? CHICKENS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO COCAINE, SILKY HEN.

In other news:

Manny Ramirez gets 50 big ones, except this time it’s not followed by 000,000.

Brett Favre is suffering Alzheimer’s. He can’t seem to remember if he retired or not.

Duck you Anaheim. Wings tie-up series. Yes, soon Moose you can start tuning in. Babcock’s shift proves yet again why he is a brilliant coach.

Like volleyball? OK, well I suck at it. But Jessica has a fantabulous site you should check out. I hear she’s giving away a -shirt to the 10,000 visitor!

Cobb Atlanta Volleyball - Our mission is to teach each player the game of volleyball in a healthy environment. We strive to help each girl grow as an individual athlete as well as a team participant. Read more at Cobb Atlanta Volleyball here

Mikey Likes It – I am over Mikey’s sabbatical. Now it’s just getting ridiculous. If you have seen this person, please alert your local brewery.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spongebob Squarepants will begin airing in China now, so that millions of toy makers can finally see what the hell they're making.

Oh Kelly B, you’re the party to my pants. I mean What the Buck! He’s like Perez Hilton on speed on more speed.


For those who don’t know hockey (blasphemy) the NHL has a situation room in Toronto iwhere Hockey Ops review and decide disputed goals. It’s a pretty cool set up, I imagine two dude just hanging out watching some hockey, sometimes they’re great, and sometimes it’s and epic fail.

Dear Toronto NHL Situation Room,

Were you two jokers slamming some Molson’s and miss this? I understand that the goal couldn’t be reviewed because the ref is a DBAG, but come on!

From USA Today - I watched Detroit Red Wings forward Marian Hossa's controversial disallowed goal many times. It really looks like the whistle blows at the same time the puck goes in. It looks like a goal to me. But the play couldn't be reviewed and the Red Wings lost.

PS - Have you all fired that a**hat yet?!

Check it out for yourself, totally raises my blood pressure:


Mikey Likes It – Donde esta Miguel?! Back to the bag of tricks. Not sure what to get your mom for mother’s day or having trying finding a unique gift idea, WishingFish is for you.

Our collection includes an eclectic mixture of styles: vintage and modern, funky and sophisticated, East meets West. Our products are practical enough to use every day, yet beautiful enough to save for a special occasion. Use them to create your own unique environment, your own (life)style.

Lish, these are SO you!

Told you, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here kids. Just wait until the Transformers hear about the R2-D2 Aquarium with Built-In Periscope.

The domed head rotates with any vocal command you issue and he utters his familiar “bleeps” from the Star Wars movies. His radar eye houses the eyepiece to a built-in periscope that provides an intimate view of the aquatic activity below, allowing you to watch your charges swim towards the food you’ve dropped in from the dome’s removable feeding door.